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E54: Fair Media with Linda Graham, Ruth Watson and Jack Paterson

Just how fair is Scotland’s media? And, if it’s unfair, how do we fix that? Our panel discuss the current state of affairs in Scotland, and the opportunities that Scottish independence would bring. Joining host Drew Hendry MP are Linda Graham, owner and founder of Broadcasting Scotland, Ruth Watson from the National Yes Network, and

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E52: Scotland’s Business with Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Founder of Business for Scotland and head of Believe in Scotland Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp is Drew Hendry’s guest on the Scotland’s Choice podcast this time. Gordon set up Business for Scotland in 2011 and now has 4,000 associated members. They describe themselves as “an agenda setting, independent and political party neutral business network and business policy

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E51: A View from Ireland with Neale Richmond TD

Fine Gael TD (that’s a Teachta Dála – a member of the Irish Parliament) Neale Richmond is Drew’s guest on Scotland’s Choice this week to provide a view from Ireland. Having international guests on the podcast has been an ambition of ours for a while now – we want views from around Europe, and possibly

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E47: Polling and Data – With Mark McGeoghegan

On this episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew is joined by polling expert and doctoral researcher Mark McGeoghegan to discuss how important good and accurate polling is in politics. Mark has extensive experience in the polling industry and is currently working towards his PhD at the University of Glasgow, researching secessionist movements from around the world. He explains

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E44: Escaping Brexit – With Toni Giugliano

With Toni Giuliano. Scotland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit. All 32 local authorities voted to remain in the European Union and every poll since has shown this number only increases. Yet, we are having to ensure the fallout of a Tory Brexit with its empty Global Britain rhetoric. The UK’s exit from the EU has made

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E43: Cost of Living Crisis – With David Linden MP and Cllr Jen Layden

Cost of Living Crisis with David Linden MP & Councillor Jen Layden.  The Office for National Statistics recently reported those earning below the UK average wage will pay up to an extra £255 per year, with the forthcoming Tory national insurance hike.  The lowest earners have seen their universal credit cut by £20 a week

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E41: Farming – With Fergus Ewing MSP & Emma Harper MSP

In Conversation with Fergus Ewing MSP & Emma Harper MSP Few sectors have been harder hit by Brexit than agriculture and farming. Drew sits down with Fergus Ewing MSP and Emma Harper MSP to talk about Westminster’s role in the fate of rural economies and the farming community on this week’s podcast. Scotland’s farmers and

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E39: Yes Places, North East – With Gillian Martin, Fatima Joji & Theo Forbes

With Gillian Martin MSP and AIM activists Fatima Joji and Theo Forbes. Drew sits down with Aberdeen Independence Movement organisers Fatima Joji, Theo Forbes and North East MSP Gillian Martin in this Yes Places series episode of Scotland’s Choice. The guests share their views on the opportunities ahead for Scotland as an independent nation, and

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E38: Economic Opportunities – With Kate Forbes

With Kate Forbes. In this Scotland’s Choice episode Drew sits down with Kate Forbes to the discuss economic opportunities for an Independent Scotland. Kate is the MSP for Skye, Lochaber, and Badenoch (which includes Dingwall, the Black Isle, and the Great Glen). Kate is the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy in the Scottish

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E37: (P2) Looking Ahead

Some of the best bits of Scotland’s Choice. Part Two of our special episodes showcasing some of the key points made on Scotland’s Choice. With 2022 set to be a huge year for the independence movement, it’s vital that we familiarise ourselves with the facts. Ahead of us is a year in which plans for

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E36: (P1) Looking Ahead

Some of the best bits of Scotland’s Choice. Part One of two special episodes showcasing some of the key points made on Scotland’s Choice. With 2022 set to be a huge year for the independence movement, it’s vital that we familiarise ourselves with the facts. Ahead of us is a year in which plans for

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E34: A View from Stirling – Alyn Smith MP & Yes Activists, Gregg & Gerry

With Alyn Smith MP, and Yes Stirling activists Greg and Gerry. A view from Stirling. In this episode, the first of our Yes Places series, Drew talks with members of the Stirling independence movement about their activism, their views on the route to Independence and the relationship between grassroots activism and political representation. Local Yes

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E33: Scotland’s Pensions – With Ian Blackford MP

Few areas of policy were more divisive in the lead up to the 2014 Independence Referendum than Pensions. People were told repeatedly that one of the most significant risks of independence was losing pension security and the infamous ‘triple lock’. We know this issue was hugely influential in shaping the views of older voters who

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E32: Social Security – Cllr Laura Brennan-Whitefield

Twelve-month waits for payment,  a culture of suspicion, punishing bureaucracy are just some of the features of the UK Social Security system people living with disabilities face. In this episode, Drew chats to Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitefield, a SNP Councillor for North Ayr, a mother, a disabilities campaigner, a trekie and someone who lives with a

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E30: A Wellbeing Economy – With Ariane Burgess MSP

Wellbeing is something we’re all a lot more in tune with today. And there is a growing number of people who support the idea of a well-being economy – one that promotes looking after individuals and the environment. To discuss the (not so new) idea, Ariane Burgess, Green MSP for the Highlands and Islands Region,

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E29: Scotland’s Trade – With Stewart Hosie MP

Trade is the beating heart of any economy. In its simplest form, it allows goods or services to be transferred between one party to another, in return for other goods/services, or, more commonly, money. So where has the UK lost its way with regards to trade? What’s changed in recent years that’s had such a

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E27: Just Transition – With Stephen Flynn MP

The Just Transition. Everyone will have heard the phrase, and many will have at least a vague idea of the meaning behind it. But, looking in-depth and in specific terms, what do politicians mean when they talk about it? Stephen Flynn MP is the SNP’s Energy spokesperson at Westminster and so is well-versed in the

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E26: Scotland’s Land – With Rob Gibson

Scotland’s land is one of our greatest assets in so many ways, but decades and even centuries of mismanagement have held Scotland back. Rob Gibson was an MSP in the Highlands for 13 years and served as convener of the Rural Affairs, Climate Change, and Environment committee. A well-respected author, Rob has written many books

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E25: Scotland & the EU – With Jenny Gilruth MSP.

Jenny Gilruth MSP has been the MSP for Mid-Fife and Glenrothes since 2016, serving in the Scottish Government’s justice and education committees. Now, she serves as our minister for Culture, Europe and International Development in Holyrood. In 2014, the Better Together campaign infamously told Scotland that the only way to guarantee EU membership was to

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E24: The Business Case for Independence – With Michelle Thomson MSP

Joining Scotland’s Choice host this week is Michelle Thomson MSP. Currently the MSP for Falkirk East, she previously represented Edinburgh West in Westminster and also held the brief of Business, Innovation, and Skills for the SNP. During the 2014 referendum, business and the economy were, and remain, a huge part of the argument for independence. A

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E23: Scotland’s Transport – With Gavin Newlands MP

In this episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew sits down with Gavin Newlands MP to discuss all things Transport. Transport plays a huge part in all of our lives. Whether it’s commuting to working, travelling for a holiday or supermarket supply chains, transport plays a vital role in modern life. SNP transport spokesperson Gavin Newlands MP

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E22: Independence & Young People – With Charlotte Armitage.

Drew sits down with activist, Charlotte Armitage to discuss the role of young people in the independence movement. Young people are a key part of the independence movement. One of the strengths of the 2014 Yes campaign’s was the grassroots element, and young people were front and centre. The YSI is the SNP’s youth wing

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E21: Scotland’s Media – With John Nicolson MP

In this episode Drew sits down with John Nicolson MP to discuss Scotland’s media. Scotland’s media came under much scrutiny in the run-up to the first independence referendum in 2014. John Nicolson MP is SNP spokesperson for Digital, Media, Culture, and Sport. Scotland’s national broadcaster in the UK is the BBC. Studies have shown they

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E20: Arctic Relations – With Angus Robertson MSP

Drew sits down with Angus Robertson MSP to discuss Scotland’s relationship with artic neighbours. Scotland is the world’s northernmost country which isn’t technically in the Arctic region. After independence, therefore, it is vital that we look to our Arctic neighbours and form real and lasting partnerships with them. There’s also a lot that we can

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E19: Feminist Foreign Policy – With Prof. Caron E. Gentry

Feminist foreign policy is the topic we’re covering this week on Scotland’s Choice podcast. Joining host Drew Hendry MP, is one of the leading voices in the matter, Prof. Caron E. Gentry. Caron is currently a Professor in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. Her main research focuses on gender

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E18: No To Yes – With Ruaridh Hanna

In this episode, Drew sits down with activist, Ruaridh Hanna to discuss his journey from No to Yes. If you haven’t already listened to the first special, you can click here to do so or search for Episode 12. Ruaridh was very much involved with the Better Together campaign in 2014 but has since changed

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E17: (P2) The Financial Case for Independence – With Andrew Wilson

This is the second part of Drew’s conversation with Andrew on the financial case for independence. If you haven’t already listened to part one, we recommend you do so before listening to this episode. Andrew is one of the leading voices when discussing the financial aspect of independence. His CV shows an economist who is

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E16: (P1) The Financial Case for Independence – with Andrew Wilson

Drew is joined by Economist and former MSP Andrew Wilson to discuss the financial case for independence. Following on from the round-up compilation specials, we’re back to new content this week. Economist and former MSP Andrew Wilson joins Drew to discuss the financial case for independence. This conversation was so interesting that we’ve split it

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round up so far part 2

Episode 15: [SPECIAL] Round-Up So Far – Part 2

Part Two of a Compilation of Scotland’s Choice. Following on from last week’s episode, we’re continuing with a selection of Scotland’s Choice so far. With 13 episodes worth of content to choose from, it’s not an easy task to pick standout moments for an episode such as this. The thinking was to condense some of

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E14: [SPECIAL] Round-Up So Far – Part 1

Part One of a Compilation of Scotland’s Choice. This week’s episode is a round-up of some of the best bits of Scotland’s Choice so far. With 13 episodes worth of content to choose from, it’s not an easy task to pick standout moments for an episode such as this. The thinking was to condense some

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E13: A View From Wales – With Liz Saville Roberts MP

In this episode of Scotland’s Choice Podcast, host Drew Hendry MP is joined by the leader of Plaid Cymru’s Westminster Group. Together they discuss the common ground between the independence movements of Scotland and Wales. Advocates of independence for Scotland and Wales share many of the same concerns regarding the current Westminster political system. For

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E12: No To Yes – With Michael Sturrock

In 2014, Michael Sturrock voted No in the Scottish Independence Referendum. But he, like many others, has since changed his mind and now campaigns for Independence. Then, in late 2020, he founded the NoToYes.vote website. It shares the stories of people with similar experiences of moving from No to Yes. This makes Michael the perfect

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E11: Road to Independence – With Mike Russell

In this episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew sits down with Mike Russell to discuss potential routes to independence. In this episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew sits down with Mike Russell and outlines the road to independence and what it looks like. Mike is former Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Europe and External Affairs, President of

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E10: Scotland’s Finances – With Alison Thewliss MP & Roger Mullin

In this episode, Drew is joined by Alison & Roger to discuss Scotland’s Finances. During the 2014 referendum, much was made of Scotland’s finances by the Unionist campaigners. We all heard the arguments asserting that Scotland is subsidised by Westminster, we are too reliant on oil, and, perhaps most prominently, that we didn’t have a

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E9: Disinformation – With Stewart McDonald MP

Your host Drew Hendry MP is joined by Stewart McDonald MP to why it’s in our interest to weed out the fact from the fiction. Disinformation and Fake News – what is it and why is it important? At the time of publishing, Stewart has just published a report on Disinformation in Scotland (can be

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E8: Scotland’s Place in the World – With Stephen Gethins

In this episode, host Drew Hendry MP chats with Stephen about Scotland’s place in the world. Nation to Nation is a book written by former MP for North East Fife, Stephen Gethins. Brexit has changed the argument surrounding independence since 2014. The UK has isolated itself from its closest neighbours in deeply damaging ways,. What

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E7: COP26 Special – with Deidre Brock MP

Host Drew Hendry MP is joined by Deidre Brock MP to discuss COP26 Scotland was one of the first countries in the world, and the first in the UK, to declare a climate emergency. This is all the more important, as a recent report published by Oxfam shows that climate change will result in an

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E6: Scotland’s Social Security Ambitions – with Neil Gray MSP

Scotland’s social security ambitions are the theme for episode 6 in which Drew is joined by Neil Gray MSP. These changes are critical to a healthy society involving people and communities in setting their future. The UK’s choice, through Westminster, to pursue an austerity agenda has undoubtedly harmed people across society. Many people fell through

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E5: Nuclear Weapons – Brendan O’Hara MP & Ann Ballinger (Scottish CND)

In this episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew is joined by Ann Ballinger of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Brendan O’Hara MP, whose constituency includes Faslane and Coulport, as they discuss the nuclear weapons housed in Scotland by Westminster and their decision to break the nonproliferation treaty, which has stopped the nuclear arms race,

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E4: UK’s Hostile Immigration Policy – with Stuart C MacDonalad

Scotland’s Choice What difference does it make, how does being in the UK restrict us and what would we do differently if Independent? These are just some of the questions posed to Stuart C McDonald MP, SNP Shadow to the UK Tory Home Secretary, Priti Patel in this episode of Scotland’s Choice podcast. Recent events

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E3: Realising Our Energy Potential – with Alan Brown MP

Scotlands Choice: In this episode, Drew discusses realising Scotland’s energy potential with Alan Brown MP, the SNP spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change. Alan and Drew discuss the UK Government’s approach to energy and locking out potential opportunities. They discuss the missed opportunities and Wesminsters long-standing obsession with Nuclear power. Alan makes particular reference to

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E2: Protecting Young People – Angela Crawley MP

Scotland’s Choice In this second episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew discusses the impact choices made at Westminster have on children born here and those whose home it has become with Angela Crawley, MP for Lanark and Hamilton East. Drew and Angela discuss her extensive work on child poverty and the impact of austerity policies on Scotland’s

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E1: Scotland’s Choice with David Linden MP

In conversation with David Linden MP. The Scottish people have returned a pro-independence majority of SNP and Green MSPs to the Scottish Parliament, providing the mandate for a new Independence Referendum. In this first episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew discusses what this result means for the Scottish people with David Linden, the Member of Parliament

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