E4: UK’s Hostile Immigration Policy – with Stuart C MacDonalad

Scotland’s Choice

What difference does it make, how does being in the UK restrict us and what would we do differently if Independent? These are just some of the questions posed to Stuart C McDonald MP, SNP Shadow to the UK Tory Home Secretary, Priti Patel in this episode of Scotland’s Choice podcast.

Recent events have also highlighted the treatment of refugees and those people who have escaped persecution and possible death to seek asylum here. Dawn raids, detention, dormitories during the lockdown and much more. The UK Government’s hostile environment immigration policy is impacting families and communities across Scotland.

Listen as Drew and Stuart bust the myth that migrants from the EU were a drain on public services, what they mean to our communities and our economy and the very different approaches taken by the Governments in Westminster and Holyrood.

We face a choice about Scotland’s future – get involved, get informed and inspired about how best to make that choice and how to answer the questions that others may also ask.

For more on Stuart’s work, visit http://www.stuartmcdonaldmp.co.uk/

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