Friends and Enemies

So … I have news for you. If you can’t afford to put your heating on whilst it snows outside, if you’re struggling to keep your cupboards full, if your mortgage rate has gone through the roof and you can’t afford to fill your car up, the causes of that are not striking workers wanting

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Is This Really As Good As It Gets?

In the run up to the 2014 Independence Referendum, the Yes campaign was characterised by one thing – the absolute determination to answer every question – to provide as much information as possible to the people of Scotland. And we did this in the face of the constant refrain from unionism that “there wasn’t enough

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We Must Support and Protect Independence Activists and Campaigners

So often when we discuss independence we talk about all of the things that would change or improve with the full powers of a normal, independent country. Not least, this includes being governed by the people and party that we have democratically elected (as opposed to being ruled by the Tory government who we haven’t

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The Bottom Line: The Price of Being Part of the UK

The price Scotland pays for being tied to the UK is huge. However, for too long, the debate about Scottish Independence has been dominated by the economic agenda set by opponents of Scottish Independence. Whilst much has therefore been said about the speculated costs of independence, there has been insufficient attention paid to the very

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UK Parties: All Firmly On The Brexit Bandwagon

The European Union has been an enormous force for positive change in Scotland. We’ve benefited from investment in our infrastructure and communities. There are few places you can go without seeing a sign indicating the road, landmark or project was funded by one of the many European Union Funds. We’ve benefited from increased trade. Before

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Westminster: Broken & Failing

Month after month, my colleagues and I have been urging the UK Government to act on the ever-mounting failings within its various departments. Our calls are ignored, and chaos is now a standard operating procedure at Westminster. Disappointingly, it’s constituents who’ve been most in need of help who have been bearing the brunt of these

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