E44: Escaping Brexit – With Toni Giugliano

With Toni Giuliano. Scotland voted overwhelmingly against Brexit. All 32 local authorities voted to remain in the European Union and every poll since has shown this number only increases. Yet, we are having to ensure the fallout of a Tory Brexit with its empty Global Britain rhetoric.

The UK’s exit from the EU has made the case for independence and Westminster continues to make the case on a daily basis.

In this week’s Scotland’s Choice, Drew sits down with SNP Policy Development Convenor, Toni Giuliano to discuss the current state of affairs and how as an independent nation, we can forge a different path – one that sees Scotland seeking accession to the EU.

From discussing the benefits of joining the EU to potential routes available for accession, Drew and Toni cover an array of topics around Scotland’s relationship with the EU. The two also discuss the arguments used against Scotland re-joining the EU and discuss the many benefits of Scotland having a voice in the EU.

Opposition parties can often be heard saying, ‘why leave one union to join another’. Tune in to hear Toni’s thoughts on why the two unions are not comparable and how Scotland can forge its path to becoming a member state of the European Union as an Independent Nation.

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