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E41: Farming – With Fergus Ewing MSP & Emma Harper MSP

In Conversation with Fergus Ewing MSP & Emma Harper MSP

Few sectors have been harder hit by Brexit than agriculture and farming.

Drew sits down with Fergus Ewing MSP and Emma Harper MSP to talk about Westminster’s role in the fate of rural economies and the farming community on this week’s podcast.

Scotland’s farmers and crofters are having to deal with the impacts of labour shortages, barriers to trade and supply chain issues resulting from Brexit. To make matters worse, they know much more pain is just around the corner as the tories continue to cobble together concerning trade deals – not to mention the Internal Market Bill, which threatens Scotland’s high-quality producers.

Both Fergus and Emma’s passion for the sector and deep understanding of the issues farmers and crofters face is evident throughout the conversation making it a must-listen!

Both Emma and Fergus talk about the opportunities for the sector in an independent Scotland, along with changing attitudes within the farming community.

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