E2: Protecting Young People – Angela Crawley MP

Scotland’s Choice

In this second episode of Scotland’s Choice, Drew discusses the impact choices made at Westminster have on children born here and those whose home it has become with Angela Crawley, MP for Lanark and Hamilton East. Drew and Angela discuss her extensive work on child poverty and the impact of austerity policies on Scotland’s children.

In contrast to the Scottish Parliament, which has legislated to eradicate child poverty and has clear measurable targets to tackle poverty, the UK Government has repealed large parts of the Child Poverty Act 2010, including income-based child poverty targets. In doing so, they have sought to remove accountability for the effect its draconian welfare policies have on children. Drew and Angela also touch on the development of the Scottish Parliament voting unanimously to place the United Nations Rights of the Child into Scots law – a move, the UK Government is shamefully challenging in the courts.

With only 15% powers, the Scottish Government has already set out a landmark legislative programme to protect Scotland’s children and tackle child poverty, but how much more could be done with all the powers of an independent country?

The pair also chat about the response from Scottish communities to the refugee crisis and how the hostile environment approach at Westminister has impacted the safety and well-being of vulnerable children. Scotland’s communities showed just how welcoming a nation we are – leaving the same question we always pose, how much more could be done with the full powers of any other independent nation.

For more on Angela’s work, visit www.angelacrawleymp.com

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