E3: Realising Our Energy Potential – with Alan Brown MP

Scotlands Choice:

In this episode, Drew discusses realising Scotland’s energy potential with Alan Brown MP, the SNP spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change.

Alan and Drew discuss the UK Government’s approach to energy and locking out potential opportunities. They discuss the missed opportunities and Wesminsters long-standing obsession with Nuclear power. Alan makes particular reference to the fact that words of ambition are not matched by policy at Westminster, having a significant impact on achieving climate targets.

Scotland has the largest store of renewable assets and potential across Europe. Still, with much of the energy policy set at Westminster, there are significant challenges to tapping into that potential. Naturally, Alan and Drew discuss the opportunities for Scotland as an independent country, given that energy policy is primarily reserved to Westminster.

Knowing the approach Scotland has taken to meeting the climate change challenge, what more could it do with the powers of an independent country?

The Scottish Government’s commitment to tackling the climate crisis is already world-leading and as an independent country Scotland that level of ambition will only soar.

For more on Alan’s work, visit www.alanbrownmp.scot

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