E34: A View from Stirling – Alyn Smith MP & Yes Activists, Gregg & Gerry

With Alyn Smith MP, and Yes Stirling activists Greg and Gerry.

A view from Stirling.

In this episode, the first of our Yes Places series, Drew talks with members of the Stirling independence movement about their activism, their views on the route to Independence and the relationship between grassroots activism and political representation.

Local Yes teams were at the heart of the last independence campaign, and they will be even more crucial for the next one, so we want to hear from those working day in day out in local communities to deliver a decisive yes vote – and the series begins with Yes Places: A View from Stirling

Alyn Smith is the MP for Stirling and represented Scotland in Europe from 2004 to 2019 as a Member of the European Parliament. Throughout this time, he forged close working relationships with his European counterparts. His closing remarks in the EU Parliament resonated with people across Scotland; when speaking of Scotland, he asked European colleagues to ‘leave a light on so we can find our way home.”

Also joining Drew for this episode Yes Places: A View from Stirling are Gerry and Greg, two Yes Stirling campaigning stalwarts.

Gerry and Greg epitomise all that is great about grassroots campaigning. Not only are they dedicated campaigners in Stirling, but they also promote the benefits of Independence only through the YES STIRLING social media handle. They are also well known in the independence movement for creating fantastic independence videos, which have been shared far and wide on social media.

Gerry and Greg, along with Alyn, share their hopes for a better Scotland and their thoughts on the opportunities that lie ahead for an independent Scotland. It is an enjoyable conversation and certainly not to be missed.

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