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E20: Arctic Relations – With Angus Robertson MSP

Drew sits down with Angus Robertson MSP to discuss Scotland’s relationship with artic neighbours.

Scotland is the world’s northernmost country which isn’t technically in the Arctic region. After independence, therefore, it is vital that we look to our Arctic neighbours and form real and lasting partnerships with them. There’s also a lot that we can learn from these countries, as we are doing already with policies such as the Baby Box being inspired by the likes of Finland. It’s clear that we share many of the same values with many of our close neighbours.

After a distinguished career in international journalism, Angus Robertson MSP worked in the Scottish Parliament as an expert advisor before being elected to the House of Commons where he served for 16 years, including 10 as the SNP’s Westminster group leader. He now represents the Scottish Parliament constituency of Edinburgh Central and serves in the Scottish Government as the Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, External Affairs and Culture.

Our current welfare system in Scotland is, for the most part, controlled by Westminster. The UK lags behind many small, progressive countries in all aspects of social security. Whilst Scandinavian countries, for example, lead the way. We face a choice on which system we wish to model ourselves on.

Independence would give us the opportunity to collaborate with our like-minded Arctic neighbours on things like renewable energy and technological improvements, something which the UK Government has stopped us from doing thus far.

Listen now to become informed on all of the above and more.

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