E14: [SPECIAL] Round-Up So Far – Part 1

Part One of a Compilation of Scotland’s Choice.

This week’s episode is a round-up of some of the best bits of Scotland’s Choice so far. With 13 episodes worth of content to choose from, it’s not an easy task to pick standout moments for an episode such as this. The thinking was to condense some of the topics down into bitesize chunks alongside other clips. This makes for a great starter episode for first-time listeners. We’d encourage you to show this episode to people who may not be aware of the podcast.

Kicking things off in the first round-up special is David Linden MP. David was the first guest in this iteration of Scotland’s Choice, and in the clip featured in this episode, he outlines exactly how the Scottish Government has a mandate to hold a referendum on independence.

Then we move onto former MP Stephen Gethins. He sets out how the UK Government tends to be reluctant to praise the devolved nations on the international stage. This sentiment is echoed by Liz Saville-Roberts MP, who says that Wales is very much in the same boat as Scotland regarding treatment from Westminster.

When Alan Brown MP appeared as a guest, he made the point that the UK Government relies on rhetoric rather than long-term planning and action to support Scotland’s renewable energy sector.

Finally, in part one of the round-up, Drew discusses nuclear weapons with Brendan O’Hara MP and Anne Ballinger of the Scottish CND. Opinion polls show that Scotland does not want nuclear weapons on the Clyde. Brendan and Anne look at the moral and economic arguments for disarmament.

Of course, the clips in this round-up don’t exhaust the arguments. Far from it. We’d recommend you go back to the source episodes and listen in for the full discussion if you’ve been interested in anything the guests had to say.

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