E54: Fair Media with Linda Graham, Ruth Watson and Jack Paterson

Just how fair is Scotland’s media? And, if it’s unfair, how do we fix that?

Our panel discuss the current state of affairs in Scotland, and the opportunities that Scottish independence would bring. Joining host Drew Hendry MP are Linda Graham, owner and founder of Broadcasting Scotland, Ruth Watson from the National Yes Network, and Jack Paterson, founder of the SNP’s Independence Magazine.

From Broadcast media to the press, it’s quite clear that coverage of the issue of Scottish independence hasn’t been completely fair and balanced since the vote in 2014. So, why is this? What, if any, solutions are there?

Citizens journals and broadcasting are becoming more common and more popular, but are they sustainable? Linda explains some of the difficulties with funding, but also some of the incredible opportunities to deliver compelling and fair content.

Ruth explains how the National Yes Network is bringing together Yes groups from around the country and creating a network for sharing valuable information and assets.

And Jack outlines why he started the Independence Magazine, a publication which has grown to become a product of the highest quality in the space.

All of the the above and more on Episode 54 of Scotland’s Choice.

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